So the idea behind this 366 day project blog is to capture experiences. These days, as a Mom, the best experiences for me to share are my kids. Now, I realize it’s WAY too hard to resist plastering Mamarazzi paraphernalia all over the web. I mean ‘cmon not only are our kids ADORABLE, but they’re these little miracles that walk around verifying your competence as a contributing member to the human race. When they’re amazing they are hands down AMAZING and straight from the best your gene pool has to offer. When they’re “not-so-amazing” you can simply blame the weakest link of the other parent’s gene pool. So, today I decided to get a little creative with a PB&J sandwich and solicited my 2 1/2 year old for a photo op. I found a little cookie cutter of the #2 and thought, “oh, how cute for her album”. All I wanted her to do was hold the #2 out so I could get a shot of her with it. I was told that there would be no pictures of Aylah (yes, this is what she still calls herself, 2 year old narcism is great, isn’t it?). Disappointed, I grabbed a couple of grumpy shots of her protesting, you can see the cute little #2 PB&J sandwich off to the side. Out of respect for her wishes I was about to give up then I realized, “that’s right she’s been falling for reverse psychology”. I couldn’t resist the temptation. I quickly said “Aylah, don’t you hold up you #2 sandwhich for me! Don’t you do it!” ….. and WHAM! Up surfaced this happy toddler willing to show the world the pride she had in her fun #2 sandwich. UGH! I love it, too, that her hair still has evidence of her cute pigtails being ripped out because “Aylah not want bows in hair”. My Mom would scold me for tricking her, accusing me of teaching her to “disobey”. No offense Mom but something tells me this independent little 2 year old needs no lessons in disobedience. She’ll be just fine like the rest of us who had parents do the same when we were 2. I hear 3 is even better!