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Blogging everyday gets to be quite a commitment! I’m still putting forth an honest effort and won’t gave up just because I slacked a few days. Good news is I’m still snapping away and capturing fun images!

Yesterday I woke up and had the itch to go on a road trip. Those who know me well know that it’s a common thing for me to hop in a car last minute and go on a trip. I’ve been this way my whole adult life (and arguably before then). After my Dad convinced me going on a 3 day trip to Washington DC was probably not a very good idea last minute with 2 toddlers I changed the trip agenda to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We had a blast! Upon entering the aquarium “lo and behold” there was an oversized mural of Dora, Diego, and Boots. I thought Dora was going to pass out with excitement. We say jelly fish, dolphins, whales, penguins, Dora and Diego 4D show! We also had the pleasure of seeing the Chicago sky line.


Today was a learning curve day for me. I practiced playing with my settings in Manual (which is primarily all I’m shooting in these days with some aperture priority). Had some true understanding of how to get those lower light shots to look a little nicer. Enough camera talk that only my fellow photography buddies will appreciate.

Today I got crafty and made a valentine-ish banner for my mini sessions that are happening next week (yay!) and went antique shopping with my Dad and Jack. My Dad and I love going rummaging and going to antique stores. Thank, when we got home my Mom pointed out the beautiful moon outside so I took advantage of the opportunity and captured some beautiful still shots. Then I thought it would be fun to practice a silhouette shot so here’s my baby boy Jack pointing to the moon (or so we would like you to think…. hehe)
Happy weekend everyone!

Beautiful day out today. Aylah went outside twice to play. We had some snow hanging around still so she took advantage of that.

snowball 365 366

Not much to say today, I’ll let the pics do the talking. I’m itching to do some more professional looking photos but I love snapshots just as much. I ‘spose this project will be easier to commit to if I don’t expect the world out of myself right away. I will say that I’m including the pillow fight shots to show myself growth later. I struggle with shutter speed and how to shoot indoors in terrible lighting. I guess that’s what my speed light is for. Enjoy the album. I’m probably limiting myself to no more than 3 images a day, and only in storyboard form. Hope everyone’s having a great week!

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So the idea behind this 366 day project blog is to capture experiences. These days, as a Mom, the best experiences for me to share are my kids. Now, I realize it’s WAY too hard to resist plastering Mamarazzi paraphernalia all over the web. I mean ‘cmon not only are our kids ADORABLE, but they’re these little miracles that walk around verifying your competence as a contributing member to the human race. When they’re amazing they are hands down AMAZING and straight from the best your gene pool has to offer. When they’re “not-so-amazing” you can simply blame the weakest link of the other parent’s gene pool. So, today I decided to get a little creative with a PB&J sandwich and solicited my 2 1/2 year old for a photo op. I found a little cookie cutter of the #2 and thought, “oh, how cute for her album”. All I wanted her to do was hold the #2 out so I could get a shot of her with it. I was told that there would be no pictures of Aylah (yes, this is what she still calls herself, 2 year old narcism is great, isn’t it?). Disappointed, I grabbed a couple of grumpy shots of her protesting, you can see the cute little #2 PB&J sandwich off to the side. Out of respect for her wishes I was about to give up then I realized, “that’s right she’s been falling for reverse psychology”. I couldn’t resist the temptation. I quickly said “Aylah, don’t you hold up you #2 sandwhich for me! Don’t you do it!” ….. and WHAM! Up surfaced this happy toddler willing to show the world the pride she had in her fun #2 sandwich. UGH! I love it, too, that her hair still has evidence of her cute pigtails being ripped out because “Aylah not want bows in hair”. My Mom would scold me for tricking her, accusing me of teaching her to “disobey”. No offense Mom but something tells me this independent little 2 year old needs no lessons in disobedience. She’ll be just fine like the rest of us who had parents do the same when we were 2. I hear 3 is even better!

My son, Jack, is a very happy baby who is glad to share everything. I was playing with my 50mm at dinnertime trying to see if I could capture him eating in his highchair. I wasn’t sure if anything interesting would happen and then he offered me a fry (healthy french fry that is….clear throat). Anyway, I seized the moment to see how this shot would work out. So cut, I love his little expression….. he’s so happy to share! Let’s see how he is about sharing a year from now!


I’m satisfied with Day 2, not sure about the black and white conversion, his eyes kind of look creepy to me but I like the feel. Happy Day 2!




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