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We made a visit to my Aunt Amy’s Mom’s office today. It’s located in an old shoe factory and has so much character and a rustic feel. The kids had fin just running back and forth inside the office. Here’s some shots from there. Also, I thought the kids might like the beach……….. not so much so! Sometimes my ignorant Arizona gir

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l side shows through!


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Blogging everyday gets to be quite a commitment! I’m still putting forth an honest effort and won’t gave up just because I slacked a few days. Good news is I’m still snapping away and capturing fun images!

Yesterday I woke up and had the itch to go on a road trip. Those who know me well know that it’s a common thing for me to hop in a car last minute and go on a trip. I’ve been this way my whole adult life (and arguably before then). After my Dad convinced me going on a 3 day trip to Washington DC was probably not a very good idea last minute with 2 toddlers I changed the trip agenda to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We had a blast! Upon entering the aquarium “lo and behold” there was an oversized mural of Dora, Diego, and Boots. I thought Dora was going to pass out with excitement. We say jelly fish, dolphins, whales, penguins, Dora and Diego 4D show! We also had the pleasure of seeing the Chicago sky line.

My first day forgetting to post by midnight. Well since its still before bar close I should be granted a waiver! I captured a beautiful red cardinal today and Aylah playing in the snow. Will post the pics tomorrow.

So what! He’s my baby boy and I’m head over heels in love and have a strong bond with this little guy. My love for both my kids is intense and indescribable but where my daughter’s quirkiness and sharp wit keep me in awe my son’s snuggle bug/dreamy eyes keep me warm and fuzzy. Here’s one of those moments tonight over some crackers.

Let’s not forget Aylah sitting on the other side of me and Jack while she was ddeply engaged in an episode on the ipad.

Finally, the first REAL snowfall of the year. Such a contrast from yesterday’s blog with my great niece running without a jacket on in my front yard! This happy couple was feeding on birdseed that fell from the feeder outside my parents’ patio.

Simple today. Here’s the SOOC (straight out of camera) shot of a session from today. I had 4 sessions today with the kids ranging from 7 months (2 of those!) to 5. Amongst the toddlers was our Great niece who was more interested in doing what she does best….. being 1! She was out of control cute in her little dress and was full of energy, keeping us on our toes.

Yup! I got braces but I’ve kind of kept it on the dl (down low for you older folks). So, to stay true to my change in progress I’m only disclosing this piece of info for those who follow my blog. No linking to FB tonight. They’re clear and hard to see, but look close they’re there! Image